Here are our Devons in other homes...we are very proud of their quality and the fine family companions they are.

   Nettie from Wisconsin

Lochmaere's Cindy Lou (Sweety)

Her Kittens are due in March 2005




Ch Lochmaere Wilbur Curls now happily living in St. Louis, Mo. 

This is Curleana, she is from Sugar Cube's litter



Lochmaere's Abracatabra

Chocolate Lynx Point

Retired and living the good life




Purrburr Maggy O'Brien of Lochmaere

Retired and living the good life




Lochmaere Lil Princess O'Curls

Retired and living the good life



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The Chicago-land Girls


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The Ozarks Devon Rex Girls


Retired and Living the good Life